Banquet Hall Guide – Important Information, Tips, and More

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A Savvy Client is a Happy Client

One of the most expensive, stressful, and time consuming parts of planning your Quinceanos, Wedding, Birthday, etc., is finding the perfect venue. With the help of this guide you will be able to answer questions such as: Is this venue safe for me and my guests? Is it a legitimate place of business? Is it the most economical? Most importantly, you and your family will be better prepared with the right information to help you make the best decisions.

Do Not Get Scammed: Avoid Pirate Venues

Pirate Venues are illegal places without any city permits, safety codes, or insurance. These types of banquet halls are very dangerous because they do not fulfill the basic requirements from the city. The safety of our patrons and their guests should be paramount, do not jeopardize your safety! Always demand the administrators of the venue to show you city permits, insurance, and safety plans. Without the proper permits, the authorities will stop your celebration at any time. Additionally, Pirate Venues scamm families. According to Linda Ruiz, administrator of Banquet Hall Salon Oaxaca "we have had many families show up trying to reserve our hall a week prior to the Quinceanos because the venue they had reserved closed down. Those people just took their money and these families are heartbroken. It is always difficult to hear those stories and they are common."

Protect Your Investment: Sign a Contract

All legitimate venues will offer you to sign a contract. This protects both, your family and the administrators of the venue. Both are contractually obligated to fulfill their part of the deal. Unlike with pirate venues, your investment will be protected. Just remember, your family is obligated as well to fulfill their end of the bargain. For example, administrators ask for a deposit to reserve the date of your event. Upon cancelation of the event, however, your family will probably lose part of the deposit. How much they lose varies from venue to venue, so make sure to ask them.

Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate

First, you should ask the banquet hall administrators if they offer any discounts. You'd be surprised at the number of coupons and special offers available to clients. Second, most of the time administrators are willing to negotiate the final price of the venue. So don'dt be afraid to engage in a little haggling. Third, if you reserve in advance it can save you money. That is because administrators would rather have you as a client now than as a 'potential' client in the future. Last, venues offer bargain prices for Fridays and Sundays; these days are great options for limited budgets.