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Salon Oaxaca Banquet Hall

Our Story

Juan and Linda came from Oaxaca, Mexico, and arrived in the US around the mid-80s. Like most of us, they came with a single briefcase, but full of dreams and aspirations. They represent the American Dream. They worked, and they worked hard. Then in the early 20s, their dream came true: Salon Oaxaca Banquet Hall was established. For almost 20 years, Salon Oaxaca Banquet Hall has helped 100s of clients fulfill their special celebrations.

We love to help our community. Every year we participate with our friends from the LAPD Newton Division to recognize our Latino students. We celebrate the accomplishments of the cadet program with their families for the students’ outstanding academic achievements and extra-curriculum activities. Furthermore, we have also participated with many non-profits to help members of the Indigenous and LBGTQ communities. If you think Salon Oaxaca Banquet Hall can help your cause, please contact us. We would like to hear your story.